Brussels Sprouts with Sweet Red Wine Browned Butter Glaze Over Corn Arepa

1010431_533682733361083_1651796680_nYeah Brussels sprouts. The scourge of the vegetable world to many. To me, perhaps my most favorite vegetable of all time – right up there with broccolini. As a kid I’d chow down on these more than anything else on my plate, but it wasn’t until I entered adulthood that I learned they didn’t have to be frozen or mushy and there’s a few hundred ways to prepare them to make even the biggest sprouts hater take a second shot. Read more

Man vs Vegetarian vs Camping – Stock Pot Spaghetti

Stock Pot Spaghetti

Stock Pot Spaghetti

So S and I went camping last weekend in New Jersey. We were there to do the New Jersey Renaissance Fair. We arrived and it was raining as Tropical Storm Andrea was pounding the area. We decided to set up camp, despite the elemental adversity, on a hill back in the woods about 300 yards from where we parked. So, a little hiking, a little mud and a lot of rain later we were all set up and drying off. That night is was just a quick dinner of some rice out of a packet and while warm and nourishing I wanted to do something else but keeping with the theme of roughing it on Saturday. I had one pot, one spoon, a few cheap ingredients and some seasonings. Here’s what I came up with, it’s not gourmet, it goes against a few things I typically stand by but it really hit the spot! Stock Pot Spaghetti: Read more

Mushroom Stroganoff with Kale

Mushroom Stroganoff with KaleThanks again to everyone who came out to the Great PA FlavorFest! I enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing this dish with you. I look forward to taking the stage next year and cooking for everyone again! For those of you that missed it, here’s my Mushroom Stroganoff with Kale.

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Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest

This Sunday, Man vs Vegetarian is going live on stage at The Great PA FlavorFest! Join me, 2 pm at the Swashbuckler stage for my first live cooking demonstration! Look forward to seeing you.

Red Chard with Garlic

20130521-161253.jpgChard isn’t the most popular green leaf in my local area, in fact it’s a little difficult to find at times, but when it’s on the shelf I pick it up. Second only to spinach in nutrients, it’s the only beetroot-related vegetable I devour. Here’s a simple, and in my opinion, best recipe for a quick, healthy and delicious side.

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