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I got challenged, sorta. I’m not into pushing products other than my own and I’d prefer to keep it that way here. This site is first and foremost a work of love. The ads I take are so I can pay some of my hosting fees, keep writing and keep cooking. I’m not one for network marketing. I’ve always had the “buyer beware” mentality when it comes to some of these so-called “get rich quick schemes”, but I do have to say that sometimes, despite the way a product is pushed, I still like it and will talk about it of my own volition. Vi-shape by ViSalus Sciences is a good example. Sure, a lot of people are looking at it as a source of income, a weight-loss product, maintainer or even a weight-gainer but I’m not going to focus on any of that, I’m not one of their promoters, maybe that will change, but as of this writing I have no major financial incentive behind this. I just want to look at what it provides me.

As a person who eats a primarily lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with only the occasional fish or seafood there are certain essentials that are easy to miss. Protein is one obvious one. Sure it’s likely that I’ll ingest “accidental” sources like eggs, milk, nuts, whole grains, brown rice and beans, but there are times when none of these things fall into my menu for the day or, if they do, not in the quantity I feel I should have. Some people may disagree with me but I think it’s important to supplement my intake with nutrients, especially after I switched to a much more limited diet. I didn’t grow up like this so the idea of balancing a vegetarian diet is very new to me. I know my habits, left unsupervised, I can just pick out pure junk to munch on throughout my day! To figure out what a persons typical protein requirements are take their body weight in pounds and multiply by .37 – for example, I need around 61 grams a day just to maintain. When exercising, like endurance training or bodybuilding, this number can increase by 75% or more. Vi-Shape by ViSalus Sciences, when mixed with milk provides 20 to 22 grams of protein. While I have other protein shakes in my pantry that have more, sometimes quality over quantity rules out. Vi-Shape is made with non-GMO soy, which means that the plants it’s harvested from haven’t been genetically modified to produce more yield and, personally, I’m just not that keen on my food being altered in a lab. Sure, it costs a little more, but look at all organic foods. The product also has a fair amount of my daily vitamin and mineral requirements, though I still take my mult-vitamin, an extra B complex and Omega 3 & 6 every morning. I’ve looked at other products in this category and most seem higher in sodium, fat and not all of them contain dietary fibers, which help curb appetite and aid in digestion. I’m sure there’s similar products that come out better on some of the numbers but I think ViSalus is of a higher quality. It comes in a tasty flavor and it’s easy enough for me to mix in anything else I want, like cocoa or berries, which gives me the variety I often crave. I’ve treated it like the geriatric crowd does Ensure, as a supplement to my diet – not as some miracle elixir or money-making opportunity. I typically have a shake in the morning and take the rest of the day as it comes along, maybe another shake or a light lunch. I’m not on any sort of diet plan and can’t speak of its effectiveness along those lines but I’ve seen more than a few testimonials from other people. Take them as you will. It’s about $1.50 a serving, so it’s not just healthier but cheaper than fast food and most of the other things I’d grab on the go and it gives me some of the things I need to take on my day minus my essential “vitamin” caffeine. Bottom line, it’s a good product for me and my lifestyle.

That said, I did put an ad out for it on my site as a favor to a promoter and was asked if I could come up with 5 recipes to fit in with the Vi lifestyle for those looking to eat healthier and either lose or maintain weight. While I don’t normally look at or concern myself with things like calories or fat in anything I make, I think it’ll be a fun challenge and it gives me a way to be interactive with an audience. Starting this Thursday, January 24, I’m going to post one new recipe a week for the next 5 that are considered, as they put it, “Vi-friendly”. I believe those of you not from the ViSalus crowd will enjoy them too. If Vi sounds like something you could be interested in look for the ad on my sidebar or below. It’s probably not for everyone, some people have other ways they supplement their diets, but I enjoy it and maybe you will too. I think it’s versatile in flavor, quick, is moderately priced, fulfills a need in my often hectic morning routine and is 99% healthier than a doughnut; of course sometimes I just want the damn doughnut! Stay tuned and watch for the first recipe on Thursday, we’re headed south of the border!

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